Physicians Assistant

Physicians Assistant

Natural Pain ReliefWe have relationships with medical Providers throughout the US that can help you with neuropathy pain, orthopedic issues, arthritis and more. Most rely on treatments that do not require surgery or medication.


The key to finding the relief you need is to have treatments that target the root cause of your neuropathy pain and don’t simply mask the outward symptoms. If you are experiencing tingling and numbness in your hands or feet and take medication to lessen your symptoms, the root cause isn’t addressed. This means that when the medication wears off, the tingling and numbness will return. It’s only when you solve what’s causing the discomfort that you’ll find long-lasting relief.


Why do I have joint pain? Joint pain is caused by a variety of different factors that can include degenerative issues, like arthritis or bursitis, injuries from accidents or sports, or conditions like fibromyalgia. If your joints hurt daily and regular life has become a challenge, we have all-natural treatments that help provide long-lasting pain relief. Take a moment to schedule a free consultation at one of the clinics on this site to start the process of feeling better and moving better.